How to add large attachments (Instruction)

  • How to insert Picture Files up to 1.024KB size.

    Step 1: go to the Site

    Step 2: use <Browse> to insert the Path of the File on your local computer

    Step 3: click <host it!>. After few seconds a new Page will be displayed with a number of Links

    Step 4: choose the Link <direct link to image> at the lowest level and press [CTRL+c] to copy the link into the clipboard

    Step 5: Create the Thread and perform the Steps of attaching a file. (please, see separate 'How to' Instruction)

    Step 6: Copy with [CTRL+v] the content of the Clipboard into the Textbox left of the <Browse> Button of the Pop-up window "add Attachments" and press <save> and <close> the Pop-up Window. Enter the Text in Thread and store the Thread as usual.

    It is useful to make sure that the Picture fits into the normal Window size. If the picture is larger the Scrollbars are appearing and the user have to use them. Better is to reduce the size of the picture to fit into the window.

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