Deleting postings

  • As a general rule, we do not delete topics on this forum.

    However, there are some execptions:

    • on the Reading Help board, all topics more than 4 weeks old will be deleted.
      The topic initiator has been helped, there is no more reason for this to be here.
      If the moderator has the feeling, that this topic is not completed, then s/he will ask the initiator before deleting.

    • Topics started by ex-members will be deleted, as there is now no possibility of contacting them.

    • Replies with insulting, pornographic, radical right-wing views and other such contents will be deleted.
      This also applies to commercial advertising and links in replies.
      This forum is free for all members, and is exists solely throught the mutual freely given help and support of our members.

    • Members cannot delete their contributions to topics. This is because the sense of a discussion can be lost, if replies within the discussion are deleted.
      This is also why it is important, if you should edit any of your postings. to consider that the following replies are still understandable and that the context of the discussion hasn't been lost.

      Should you wish to delete a contribution, then please contact the moderator.