Using this Board

  • For all Forum members:

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to create a seperate board for every country.
    Not only would the administrative overheads be too high, but it is also impossible to find experts for each individual area, to ensure an effective support and help.

    We have therefore created this board, to help everyone who is researching in countries that are not already catered for.

    Please include the country as the first word of your topic title:

    e.g. ITALY: searching for Antonio Vivaldi

    Not only does this make it easier for possible helpers to see whether or not it is for a country they know something about,
    but it also gives you the possibility to find other searchers more easily.

    At the head of the list of topics, there is a headline: Topic | Rating | Replies | Last Post
    You can click on any of these to sort the topics on this board.
    So by clicking on Topic all topics pertaining to a particular country will be grouped together, which means you can find and read other topics about the country you are researching, and profit from tips given to others.

    The moderators will edit titles accordingly.

    We may create seperate boards later for particular countries, if it turns out that there are many requests for that country.

    On behalf of the Ahnenforschung.Org-Team