Can anybody please identify my grandfathers Uniform?

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    thanks for your help, I think I reduced the photo too much in an effort to make sure it would paste!

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    According to this topic, your grandfather lived in Leipzig.
    Help, looking for information about Martha Margareta Anna Berger and her Family

    A question for the experts:
    I don't know the german military system, then or now, so I wonder if there any were local army units in WW1 so that he would have joined a Leipziger Regiment or something similar.

    Eine Frage für die Experten:
    Nach diesen Thema (link oben) lebte dein Großvater in Leipzig.
    Ich kenne das deutsche System nicht, weder damals noch jetzt, und frage mich, ob es in WK1 lokale Truppeneinheiten gab, dass er vielleicht in einem Leipziger Regiment war ?


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    die Uniform lässt leider keine konkrete Truppenzugehörigkeit erkennen. Es dürfte sich aber um einen Unteroffizier eines Infanterie-Regiments gehandelt haben.

    In Leipzig war das <7. Infanterie-Regiment König Georg Nr. 106> das <8. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Johann Georg Nr.107> und das <III. Bataillon des 14.Infanterie-Regiments Nr.179> stationiert.

    Diese Einheiten gehörten zur 24. Infanterie-Division im XIX. Armeekorps. Dieses Armeekorps wurde mit der Mobilmachung 1914 der 3. Armee -unterstellt.

    Eine Chronik zu dieser Division:…fo=24.Infanterie-Division


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    Sorry if the translation is a bit 'wooden', I don't know all the proper military titles and names / Bob

    The uniform cannot be assigned to any particular regiment. But it looks like it belongs to a lower ranking officer of an infantry regiment.

    The <7. Infanterie-Regiment König Georg Nr. 106> , the <8. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Johann Georg Nr.107> and das <III. Bataillon des 14.Infanterie-Regiments Nr.179> were stationed in Leipzig.

    These units were in the 24. Infanterie-Division im XIX. Armeekorps. In 1914 at the outbreak of war, they became part of the 3rd. Army

    See the link for a history of this Division

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    it is difficult to say anything to your photo, because it is to small and you can´t see the details. Please can you send a bigger size photo to here.


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    so viel verstehe ich schon, dass dies ein Offizier im unteren Rang sein soll. Das wäre demzufolge ein Leutnant (Lieutenant).

    Der Dienstgrad des Unteroffiziers entspricht aber dem eines US-Sergeanten. Es muss jedoch angemerkt werden, dass dem Unteroffizier der deutschen Armee aufgrund der anderen Taktik eine größere Bedeutung zugemessen wird, als dies in der US-Army der Fall ist und war.


    I understand that this is a junior officer. This would be a Leutnant (Lieutenant)
    The service grade of a junior officer is that of a US-Sergeant. Please note that because of the different tactics, the junior officers of the german army had a higher significance than those in the US army have, or had.

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  • Hello Helga,
    he wear a field(-grey) tunic (called: Feldgrauer Waffenrock (Modell 1907 or 1910)) on the first picture.
    The strip on his collar means, he was Unteroffizier (Vizefeldwebel or Feldwebel - both is possible).

    For example an Unteroffizier (Corporal) are:
    - Vizefeldwebel - Junior Sergeant (Usually a Company Sgt. Major).
    - Feldwebel - Senior Sergeant (Usually a Regimental Sgt. Major).

    On his sleeve cuffs he wear 3 buttons (vertical arranged), this are Brandenburger Ärmelaufschläge
    (Brandenburger sleeve cuffs) and I think nearly all regiments from saxony wear saxon sleeve cuffs
    (two buttons, vertical or horizontal arranged), like the second group-picture. But I'm not sure!
    Maybe the Königlich Sächsisches Infanterieregiment Nr. 179 wear this style of sleeve cuffs. But the
    garrison town from the second battalion was just till 30.Sept.1914 in Leipzig.
    On the first picture - there might be two ribbons (for two or more) awards/medals on his tunic, so probably
    we are some days/weeks/months after Sept.1914?? (just a suggestion!)

    Maybe he was in the infanterie but some other formations are also possible (exapt: cavalry, air-force, navy, etc. ...).…A4chsisches%29_Armeekorps
    maybe also:…A4chsisches%29_Armeekorps
    I think the safest way to find some more details is, if you write an e-mail to following saxon militay-archive:

    Stammrollen von Sachsen befinden sich im
    Sächsischen Hauptstaatsarchiv
    Archivstraße 14
    01097 Dresden
    Tel.: +49 (0)351/8006-0
    Fax: +49 (0)351/8021274
    Email: poststelle-[email][/email]

    (I hope my english is good enough - maybe the moderator can correct some sentences!) :love2:
    Good luck and best regards,

  • Dear Jens,

    Thank you for all of the information, I will do as you suggest and write to them. It will be great to know more about him but you have helped me make a very good start, Thank you!

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