Henry WOLTMAN, Meister Seemann (Kapitän) born in Germany about 1830

  • Hello to everybody,

    My name is Steven Derbyshire, I was born and still live in Liverpool, UK, I’m trying to find the birthplace or any information on my Great Grandfather.

    The only information I have is from the marriage certificate from when he married my Great Grandmother Annie Carter in 1878, His name was HENRY WOLTMAN, his occupation was mariner, he was born in Germany around 1854, his father was HENRY WOLTMAN and his occupation was master mariner (Captain).

    My Great Grandfather settled in Liverpool for the rest of his life, he died in 1932....

    I know there is not a lot of information, I am just hoping that somebody on this forum can help.

    Thank you,


  • Helo Steven,

    I tried 3-times to contact you, but apparently without success.

    In my files I found a certain Heinrich WOLTMANN, who married in 1850 G. CLAUSSEN.
    His profession was mate = sailor.

    There wered no further entries after 1850, and I suggest, that the couple settled abroad.


  • Thank you very much for you reply HelgeundKlaus, I was not aware that you had tried to contact me...

    This may well be my Great Great Grandfather, the only thing is, my Great Grandfather Henry was born in about 1854 in Germany so I think Heinrich and his wife would have stayed in Germany upto at least this time.

    My Great Grandfather Henry married a local Liverpool girl in 1878 named Annie Carter, Annie's father was also a mariner, so maybe he and Henry served on the same ship?

    From what area was Heinrich?, where did he get married?

    Once again Thank you


  • :)HelgeundKlaus,

    I do hope that you are still subscribed to these forums.....!!!!

    I have recently found out that a grand daughter from another branch of my family tree was baptised "Gladys Clausen Woltman" so I think that there is a strong possibility that the Heinrich Woltmann and G.Claussen to which you refer to in your post are indeed my Great, Great Grand parents....!!!!! do you have any further information?

    Thank you very much