Bachman : Germany to New York

  • I am looking for J C Henry Bachman, born 1830, Bremen, Germany. Parents and other members of family unknown.

    He married Mary E K Thompson in 1858 in New York, USA. I believe the family went back to Germany after 1870. Their children all born in USA were:

    Meta Bachman, born 1860

    William Corscaden Thompson Bachman, born 1861

    Christol Bachman, born 1862

    Lilla Bachman, born 1864

    Any help with their details in Germany would be greatly appreciated.


    Ich suche nach J C Henry Bachman, geb. 1830, Bremen, Germany. Eltern und anderen Familienmitglieder sind unbekannt.

    Er heiratete Mary E K Thompson in 1858 in New York, USA. Ich glaube, dass die Familie nach 1870 nach Deutschland zurückging.

    Ihre Kinder, alle in USA geboren waren:

    Meta Bachman, geb. 1860
    William Corscaden Thompson Bachman, geb. 1861
    Christol Bachman, geb. 1862
    Lilla Bachman, geb. 1864

    Jegliche Hilfe mit Information über ihnen gerne angenommen.


  • I found in U.S Passport Application 1795-1925

    J C Henry Bachmann born 19.2.1830 in Bremen, Residence 1896 in Westfield, New Jersey, emigrated 15.12.1850 Ship Washingthon.


  • Thank you Peter for both your suggestions - I will follow them up. I think that the passport application in 1896 is the most probable but I will have to see if his wife Mary also got a passport. However she was born in England but her father was an American citizen.

    Her sister Kate made at least two trips to Germany after 1896 so perhaps she was visiting her sister Mary.



  • I´ve got one question. is there someone with the Name Bachmann in your Family who lifes in Switzerland. My Grandma comes from Switzerland and her fathers name was Hans Bachmann and the Name of her granpa is Emil Bachmann he comes from Basel to Zurich.