researching name "Maleu", esp. in Leckowo, Pommerenia area and near Sczcezin, Polan

  • We believe our ancestor, Henrich Maleu, came from Leckowo, Germany, now a part of Poland, near Swidwin, and may have also lived in or near Stettin or Sczcezin, Poland. We are seeking any information about our ancestor or about the name "Maleu". thanx. shootinstar :)

  • Le[code=c]kow = Lekowo, Kreis Schivelbein, später Kreis Belgard = powiat Bialogard, belonged to parish Rützenhagen and to registry office Wopersno. Where church registers staying is unknown. Only birth certificates 1915 are in registry office Swidwin.
    Yours sincerely
    Friedhard Pfeiffer