Information about Edward Kapten from Iserlohn

  • I would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help me in my search for infomation regarding my grand parents who lived in Iserlohn, my grand father was born about 1876 Edward August Kapten .My great grand parents Frederick and wilhelmina (nee Alberts). Unfortunately no information exists in Iserlohn town archives despite being inventive with spelling of names and dates. Edward kapten came to the UK exactly when is not known. He worked as a baker in London ... married there and due to the first world war departed the UK for Dublin Ireland where he remained until his death in 1953 .He never returned to Germany.

    It is not known if there were any siblings.

    It has long been an ambition of my family here in the uk and Ireland to locate family members in Germany.

    Any suggestions or help in any way would be very welcomed.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Derek Somerville.


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    Sehr gerne würde ich von jemand Hilfe bekommen bei meiner Suche nach meinen Grosseltern, welche in Iserlohn lebten. Mein Grossvater wurde um 1876 geboren, sein Name Edward Kapten. Meine Urgrosseltern Frederick und Wilhelmina (geborene Alberts.
    Unglücklicherweise exestieren im Stadtarchiv von Iserlohn keine Informationen über diese Namen und Daten.

    Meine Familie suchte sehr lange mit viel Ehrgeiz nach Familienmitglieder in Deutschland.

    Jede Hilfe ist willkommen.


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  • Hello Derek,

    Address books of Iserlohn city and county from 1866 to 1950 are available as PDF files online. Here's the URL (You need to enter your name and address in a form before you can do any research. I've done it before and you needn't be afraid of spam. Unfortunately you cannot search in the PDF, but have to scroll down.):

    I've done a quick research and this is what I found:

    1866 - Iserlohn city
    Wilhelmine ALBERT, Köchin (cook), Unnaerstr. 750, 9 (name of the street) (page 55)
    Loads more entries for ALBERT. It's a rather frequent name. No entries for ALBERTS. One entry for ALBER.
    No entries for KAPTEN or (very) similar names. There are the names KAPPE and KAPPS, but no Frederick (Friedrich) among them. (Note: The name KAPPEN also exists.)

    1882 - Iserlohn city

    Surnames ALBERS, ALBERT, ALBERTS, ALBERTZ exist including one Eduard ALBERT (could be an uncle).
    No Wilhelmine any more. (page 48 )
    Surname KAPPE exists.

    It is highly recommended to also check the cities and villages in Iserlohn county for the names. Sorry, I'm lacking the time to do it for you, but I keep my fingers crossed.

    Best regards,

    Viele Grüße,

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  • Hello Derek,Edward Bolton junior here,seems we are chasing the same man at the same time.i have been looking for over a year now,and havent got very far.My self and my dad Edward senior went to Isherlohn in the summer of 2008 for my dads 65th birthday present.We didnt have any luckin getting anymore info on mr kapten.When we returned i found some great info in the british census of 1911.edward maud fredrick and wilhelmina "CAPTAIN" lived in paddinghton london.The problem for me was the name and the spelling of the name.I think edward could have changed his surname from HAUPTMANN which means captain in german.Edward was interned in ireland during world war one,havent begun to look into thaat part of his life yet.Wish i had more time to finish the hunt. Talk soon EDWARD.

  • Hello Edward

    Very pleased to hear from you. I have been looking for info on Kapten for about six months - although its tough going and feels much longer!.

    I too have never been convinced with the name Kapten with it not being a German surname and your idea his name may be Hauptmann is interesting.

    I also have come across info on Mauds family, the Potters, in London though my focus has been on our German ancestry.

    I have been told that Edwards mother, Wilhelmina Alberts, may have been Dutch - I wonder if you have any info on this and also do you know Edwards date of birth?

    I downloaded archives from Iserlohn and have been trawling through them without finding any info on Edward or his father Fritz, though there is a Wilhelmina Alberts.

    I attempted to contact you earlier in the week but as I'm still learning to use this site I suspect you never recieved my email, would be nice to keep in touch and who knows perhaps eventualy we will find more info about our German ancestry.

    Give my best wishes to all our family in Dublin

    Regards Derek.

  • Hello Derek,

    I am living in Iserlohn and perhaps I can help you. Do you know, if your ancestor has been a member of the catholic or the protestant church? If he was a member of the protestant church, I can have a look at the "Burgarchiv", the archive of the protestant church of Iserlohn the next monday.

    If he was a member of the catholic church I would have to go to the archive in Paderborn. My next visit in Paderborn will take some weeks but I planned to go there before July.

    Yours, Martin

  • Hello Martin

    Thank you for your kind offer of assistance, I will try and give you as much information as I am able.

    It is believed that my grandfather Edward August Kapten was catholic although this is by no means certain, also new information I have is that he may have had a brother Frederick and a sister Wilhelmina.

    The main problem with this search is the name Kapten which is almost certain not to be the family name; I can only guess why he would use it.

    I wonder if it might be worth searching his mother’s maiden name Wilhelmina Alberts, and perhaps her marriage to Frederick (Fritz).

    If I find more info I will post it here on this excellent forum.

    Thanks again Martin

    Regards Derek.

  • Havent been looking of late but,im getting back on the trail now,im trying to get my dad to go into dublin to see his aunt marie,and pick her brains about her father.

  • Hello Derek,

    I have some bad news. The church archiv in Iserlohn is closed on the next four Mondays, so I have to ask you for some patience. I will go there as soon as possible and let you know what I found.


  • Hello Martin

    Thank you for keeping me up to date, I’m very grateful for your help at any time it’s very much appreciated.

    New information I have is that Edward Kapten left Germany to avoid conscription to the armed forces,he spent time in Hungary working for the railway also spending time in Holland and Zanzibar, again probably working for railways,it's not known when he entered the United Kingdom. Also His mother Wilhelmina Alberts possibly died during chilbirth in Hemer or Iserlohn.
    Kind Regards Derek.

  • Hello Derek,

    I am sorry, that I was not able to look for your anchesters earlier. I searched for Edward Kapten (or Hauptmann, which is the same military-rank in german) and for Wilhelmina Alberts. I could not find anything about both names in the registers of the catholic church of Iserlohn (Saint Aloysius) and in the registers of both protestantic churches in Iserlohn. Unfortunately I didn't see your posting about Hemer before today. I konw an old lady (87 years old) in Hemer, who has about 50.000! persons in her database and I will call her tomorrow and ask for Wilhelmina Alberts. In Sundwig (a small creek in Hemer) there is "Albert's Mühle", one of the last mills in town. It was founded about 1726 and has the name "Albers" since 1858. Perhaps we have some luck this time.


  • Hello Martin

    I am delighted to hear from you.

    Both I and my family in the UK and Ireland very much appreciate your help with the search for information on our behalf in church archives in Iserlohn. Even though no results were found it is of considerable benefit to us knowing this. I had thought about searching church records for some time though I had no idea how to achieve it and thanks to you this has now been done and is no longer something to consider.

    I am sorry to say I have no further information to add to what little is known at this time but remain ever hopeful of a breakthrough... perhaps coming from an elderly lady and an old mill in Hemer...? What a lovely thought!

    Once again many thanks for your efforts to help, we cannot thank you enough. It means a great deal to us.

    Best regards


  • I am sorry to say I have no further information to add to what little is known at this time but remain ever hopeful of a breakthrough... perhaps coming from an elderly lady and an old mill in Hemer...? What a lovely thought!

    Hello Derek,

    on Friday I visited "the elderly lady" and we found a Wilhelmina Alberts who was married to Friederich (Frederick) Schulte. We are now going to check the books of the catholic church in Hemer for further information. But this will take a few weeks, because I do not know, if the church registers are in Hemer or in the archive in Paderborn. If they are in Hemer, it will be easier to get access to them. If they are in Paderborn, it will take some more time, because I won't be there until January 2011. But we have another chance to find something about Wilhelmina Alberts. Some years ago, someone staid in Hemer to interview the Alberts-family, because he wanted to build a register with all Alberts' in Germany. At the moment we try to get his address for he may be helpful for your search.

    I'll write again, when we (the Lady and me) have some more information.

    Best regards,

  • Some years ago, someone staid in Hemer to interview the Alberts-family, because he wanted to build a register with all Alberts' in Germany. At the moment we try to get his address for he may be helpful for your search.

    Hello Derek,

    I just wanted to leave a note, that I still wasn't able to get in contact with the person, who is searching for the Alberts' family. :(

  • Hello Martin

    Many thanks for your help it is very much appreciated.

    I too am not having much luck in finding information about Mr Kapten...Sadly I can only add that his birthday was very probably in the month of May.

    Perhaps 2012 will bring more luck...let us hope so.

    For now I wish you the season's greetings and hope you have a very happy Christmas and new year.

    Best wishes and regards