Marie Luise Anna NEUMANN of Neustettin Pommern

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    Who were the parents of great-grandmother, Johanna Neumann?

    It's difficult to find her mother because my grandmother was known mostly as Marie Louise Anna Neumann, born September 12, 1889 Neustettin Pomerania daughter of Johanna Neumann and Carl Nimz, railway engine driver. Yet the only birth registration for a child of Carl Nimz and Johanna Neumann was Marie Bertha Johanna Nimz born on 12 September, 1889 Neustettin Pomeranian living at Am Weinberg 13a Neustettin Pomerania.

    When and where were Johanna Neumann and Carl Nimz married? Who were their other children?

    Marie travelled to London (age about 12 years) to live with her uncle, a tailor because her father was about to re-marry. (perhaps her mother had died?) Marie marriage as Louise Marie Nimz to Robert Pluhatsch in 1906 and had a aughter Hetty and son Arthur (who died in infancy). Robert left her soon afterwards. Later in about 1909, Marie met my grandfather, Ernst Oswald Kreibig (1879-1951) of Ebersbach Sachsen. They emigrated together to Fremantle, Western Australia in 1910 on the ship 'Armadale' with Young Hetty (age 4). In Western Australia, they raised the family --- my father was their youngest child.

    I hope someone can help me find my grandmother's family history.

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  • Hi
    with the kind assistance of researchers on Pommern family history, I've found that the marriage records of my great-grandparents !

    Johanna Louisa Henrietta NEUMANN (dau of Johanne THOM & Heinrich NEUMANN) was married on 13 July 1883 at Streitzig Neustettin
    to Christian Carl Wilhelm NIMZ known as Carl NIMZ (son of Marie ERDMANN & Ferdinand NIMZ, farmer of Streitzig).

    I would like some help finding the two marriages of my great-great-grandparents in Neustettin Pommern.

    When and where were they married?

    1. Marie ERDMANN [Hannah Marie Friedereke ERDMANN] dau of Hedwig Louise Elisabeth HöENKE & Johann Friederich ERDMANN
    was married in about 1850 to Ferdinand NIMZ [... perhaps he was August Ferdinand NIMZ, son of Dorothea Agate MINKLAGG & Martin NIMZ?]

    2. Johanna Charlotte Friedereke THOM (born 15 Sept 1847, daughter of Anna Sophia Henriette KOPELKE & Johann Gottlieb THOM)
    was married in about 1860 to Martin Heinrich Gustav NEUMANN, known as Heinrich NEUMANN, fisherman of Grumsdorf Neustettin.
    Perhaps he was the son of Johanne Charlotte/Caroline BAUMANN & Carl Heinrich NEUMANN?

    Please note that I've looked at microfilm of Church records for Streitzig and there may be a gap in the duplicate records for marriages in 1850. I've also
    looked at microfilm of duplicate Church records for Grumsdorf nr Warchow... and nearby villages.

    Any ideas and suggestions are most welcome. email laurelbau [at] yahoo . com. au

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