Census Reports in Germany?

  • Were there any censuses taken in Germany in the last 100-150 years? There was a census taken every ten years in Great Britain from 1841, which makes things easy for people researching their families.

  • Janetra,

    Census reports as you know them from the US and UK, which are (partly) available to the public on Familysearch.org etc., don't exist in Germany. But often there are address books, and some of them are digitalized and available on http://www.genealogy.net. If you let us know precisely where your ancestors came from, probably someone can help.

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  • Hello Simone,
    Thank you for replying. The place I am looking for is Saarbrücken. I have looked at the address books but I cannot find that town. I have just received a birth certificate from Saarbrücken for Johann Philipp Artz born 3.9.1832 in Saarbrücken. I was told that there are no records for his parents Philipp Artz and Luise Simon in Saarbrücken. Do you have any ideas where I can make a search? I only have their date of birth but no town.

  • Janetra, I published your search request in German language in another section of the forum, because that section is better suited for that purpose. Please take a look here.

    If you know the godparents' names, please add them in the other thread as they might give some hint as to where the family came from. Have you checked the Gedbas database? Loads of Artz'es there. (Vorname = first name, Nachname = surname, Ort (Stadt, Provinz, Land) = Place (city/village, county, province, country))

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  • Hi Simone,

    Thank you for all your help so far. Would it help if I send you a copy of the birth certificate? I cannot read it, I`m afraid and don`t know anybody who can read the old German writing and translate it for me. Can you help me there? Can I post this as an attachment in this forum or can I send it privately? Sorry for all the questions, I am a newcomer to this site.

  • Hi Janetra,

    wellcome to the forum.
    If you search for people at Saarbrücken in the 1830s, there is another source which is even better than the census reports in the USA or UK. In the german regions left of the river Rhine civil registers were founded as soon as in the early 19th century. Some of the oldest records start about 1798.
    It was law to announce every birth, marriage and death to the civil servents of the communities.
    Most of the old civil registers are still available at the "Standesaemter" of the communes. Other are in central archives now. At Saarbrücken there is a "Stadtarchiv"

    Deutschherrnstraße 1
    66117 Saarbrücken

    Tel.: 0681 905-1258
    Fax: 0681 905-1215
    E-Mail: stadtarchiv@saarbrue...

    Sorry, I couldn't copy the whole e-mail-address
    Look here under "Familienforschung" to get the whole link

    You can ask for copies: "Kopien aus dem Personenstandsregister von Saarbrücken"

    I think it will do, if you write in English. Most people will be able to understand or know someone who can translate it.

    As for your request about the certificate in old German writing: just post in here in the forum in section "Lesehilfen". I think there will be helping hands to read and translate it.

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  • Hi Baerbel

    Thank you for your reply. First I wrote to the Standesamt in Saarbrücken but the birth certificate was sent to me from the Stadtarchive in Saarbrücken. They wrote that they don`t have any records of the parents of Johann Philipp Artz, so I don`t know where I can look now.

    Janetra :)