Origin and name meaning for Danzebrink and Riepenkroger

  • Hi -

    I am tracing my German roots and am looking for the name origin and/or name meaning for Danzebrink and Riepenkroger. I know Danzebrink was in Westphalia and Riepenkroger in Hannover.

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  • Hello Debby,

    the family name Danzebrink is of Westphalian origin. It is a combination of Danzer and Brink. Dan(t)zer is meaning gleeman, Brink is meaning meadow on a higher level, surrounded by wet ground. Conclusion: Danzebrink is the gleeman, having his dwelling on the meadow.

    The family name Riepenkroger is of Westhpalian or Lower Saxonian origin. It is a combination of Riepen an Kroger/Kröger. There are three villages called Riepen, one in Westphalia and two in Lower Saxony. Kruger is meaning innkeeper. Conclusion: Riepenkroger is the innkeeper of Riepen.

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