Dollinger's from Furth Germany

  • Herman Dollinger immigrated to the US in 1911 from Furth Germany at 7 years old with his brothers Carl,Max and sister Martha. His father William died in 1914 in Germany and I am looking for any Dollingers still in Furth that may be related.

    Thank You

    Dick S.

  • In Fu"e"rth/Bay. there are now fallowing persons:
    Ernst Dollinger, Volckamerstr. 31, D-90768 Fuerth
    Friedrich Dollinger, Lilienstr. 2, D-90762 Fuerth
    Georg F. Dollinger, Spitzwiesenstr. 57, D-90765 Fuerth
    Jürgen Dollinger, Bremer Str. 22, D-90765 Fuerth
    Leonhard Dollinger, Hofweg 1, D-90765 Fuerth
    Peter Dollinger, Weinbergstr. 48, D-90766 Fuerth
    Peter Dollinger, Glückstr. 7, D-90763 Fuerth
    Rainer Dollinger, Friedrich-Ebert.Str. 210, D-90766 Fuerth
    Thomas Dollinger, Finkenschlag 24, D-90766 Fuerth
    Willi Dollinger, Frauenstr. 7, D-90773 Fuerth
    Yours sincerely
    Friedhard Pfeiffer