Rupkalwis/Rupkalvis Family From Heydekrug, East Prussia

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    I was wondering if anyone may be researching this family?

    Heinrich/Endrik Jons or Henry John Rupkalwis/Rupkalvis

    Born: 6 Apr 1838 Heydekrug Kreis, East Prussia

    Confirmed: 1852 in the Werden Parish

    Died: 21 Mar 1919 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States (at home 1921 Morgan Avenue

    Buried: 24 Mar 1919 Minneapolis at Crystal lake Cemetery

    Father: Martin Rupkalwis

    Mother: unknown

    Married: Anna Polkies/Palkies

    Born: 23 mar 1848 East Prussia

    Died 22 Nov 1905 Minneapolis

    Buried: 25 Nov 1905 at Crystal Lake Cemetery Minneapolis

    Father: Michael Polkies/Palkies

    Mother: Ertmuth Saballus


    Johann R. Rupkalwis/Rupkalvis

    Born: 23 Jul 1814 East Prussia

    Died: 20 Jul 1943 Minneapolis

    Buried: 23 Jul 1943 Minneapolis at Crystal Lake Cemetery

    Married: Catherine Schimkoreit

    Born: 5 Oct 1868 East Prussia

    Died: 23 Oct 1926 Minneapolis

    Buried: 26 Oct 1926 Minneapolis at Crystal Lake Cemetery

    Father: George Schimkoreit

    Mother: Unknown

    Notes: Catharine was living in Szibben, Heydekrug, East Prussia before her immigration in 1898. She was a niece of John's father, Heinrich Rupkalwis. John and his parents immigrated in 1890. Anna Polkies had a sister Erdmuth Polkies born 8 Nov 1849 in Szibben and died 6 Nov 1926 in MInneapolis, who married Gotfried Haslach.

    There are two other names that I have found that I believe may be a niece and nephew of Heinrich.

    Max Rupkalwis/Rupkalvis

    Born: abt 1855 East Prussia

    Died:13 May 1930 Seattle, King, Washington, United States

    Father: Christopher Rupkalwis

    Mother: Elizabeth Whitcheese?

    Married: Emma Louise Blaasch

    Born: 13 Jun 1860 East Prussia

    Died: 10 Jun 1951 Santa Clara County, California, United States

    Elise Rupkalwis/Rupkalvis

    Born 17 Jul 1863 East Prussia

    Died: 11 Mar 1930 Minneapolis

    Married: Jacob Zenzen

    Father: Rupkalwis

    Mother: Elizabeth

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    Freundliche Grüße

    Aktuelle Jagdreviere:
    Berlin und Umgebung: Mohr, Hartung, Zienicke, Krusnick, Grünack, Linto (vor 1750); Magdeburger Börde (rund um Egeln, etwa 1600 - 1800)
    Gera: Dix (vor 1740); Wunstorf: Brandes, Steinmann (vor 1800), Hildesheim: Michael (vor 1800)