Swiss Lehmans to America 1845 - 1870

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    I am looking for Lehman relatives in Switzerland, from which my great grandfather Joseph Lehman is descended:

    Joseph Lehman born 1868 in Highland, Illinois. His parents were 'Lehman and Good' -- both are recorded as Swiss, however I do not know what region of Switzerland. He went on to marry Christina Bartsch (from Schiers-Lunden) and they lived in California. The children were Josie and Christina.

    Joseph's cousins were Louis, Charles, and Julia (born about 1866, 1867, and 1871) also born in Highland, Illinois. Their parents were Louis Lehman and Magdalene -- both are recorded as Swiss.

    If you know the origin of this Swiss Lehman family, please let me know. ?( Danke viel mal~

    Josie Schmid, Canada

    mutter: Kessler of Grusch, Uberlandquart

    vater: Schmid of Frutigen, Bern