Bartsch - Schiers/Lunden/Furna, GR

  • Gruetzi~

    Bitte, I am looking for someone who has compiled a family tree for this Lunden/Schuders/Schiers/Furna Bartsch family, which includes my great grandmother Christina Bartsch born 1875 (grew up in Lunden, GR).

    References to any digitized or on-line format would be eagerly received!


    Josie Schmid, Canada (Lisa Schmid, nee Kessler, Josie Kessler-Lehman, Christine Lehman-Bartsch)

  • Hi Josie and welcome to this forum

    I don't think that you will find here someone who has compiled a whole family tree for this Bartsch family.

    As my own researches don't lead me to the Canton Graubünden I have no personal experiences
    with this archives, but here is the website of the State Archives of Graubünden:…outus/Seiten/default.aspx

    This is the direct link to the information about genealogical researches at the archives:…chung/Seiten/default.aspx

    Maybe this thread on the Geneal Forum could be interesting for you:…f=56&t=4041&hilit=Bartsch

    If you don't speak French or German you could there also write in English.
    But as I understand the person asking there can only write French.
    I'm also registered there and I can translate between French and English, so if
    you want I can ask this person which infos she has got about the name Bartsch.