Podzuweit German Ancestors

  • I am looking for information on my ancestors who left Germany in 1880 to live in Illinois, USA. They left from Hamburg, the ship manifest lists Carl Charles Podzuweit (b. 4 Aug 1830) Caroline (Schneider) Podzuweit (b. 25 Oct 1832 in Shoenau) and their children

    Friedrich Wilhelm Podzuweit (b. 21 Mar 1858 in Lammersdorf) Henrietta Dorthea Podzuweit (b. 7 Feb 1872 in Essen) and Edmond Podzuweit (last residence Uckendorf) another son Carl Charles Podzuweit Jr. (b. 1860) was not on the same manifest but also left in 1880.

    In America their surname was Podschweit so I am not sure what it actually was in Germany. I would like to find out the parents of Carl Charles Podzuweit their dates and where they lived.

    If anyone can provide any usefull information, it would be appreciated. I will be visiting Germany in October 2011.

    Thank you,


  • Hello Nan,
    the surname podzuweit to me sounds a little like it origins from former middle germany or eastern prussian provinces like silesia, west-/ east prussia. in the 19th century the ruhr area with its upcoming coal mines and industry was a magnet germany-wide, so lots of ppl from there went to the ruhr area to find a job.
    all place names have various locations, you can check on http://gov.genealogy.net/Locale.do?language=en
    maybe the podzuweits mixed up with podschweid (who seem to be more located in the south of germany?) once being in america..
    on one emailing list i found a guy posting a good number of podzuweit ancestors:
    go to entries date 2011/02/04 15:25:38 , 15:47:25 and 16:06:07 (at least.. i didn't scroll down further than that.. the guy's contact is fred-petra@arcor.de)
    hopefully, you come across someone who knows better about this particular family name! good luck!
    greetings, matt

  • Hallo Matt,

    Danke for answering my very first post so quickly. I am sure the family was in the Ruhr area because of the mines, the occupation listed on the Ship's manifest for my great grandfather was Bergmann which I have found out to mean miner. I will check out the leads you have provided.

    I see you are in Koln, we will be there on the 1st on October (my birthday) for one day on our river cruise through Germany. I am so happy about getting to see the homeland of my mother's family. Both of her parents were born in Germany, her father was Friedrich listed above. I never got to meet him because he died 20 years before I was born.

    Thank you again for your help.


  • Hi Nan,
    yes that'd be cool..
    i totally forgot about the easiest of starters... nowadays podzuweits. here's the listing by white pages' entries (mind that it's optional to have such an entry and this one goes for telecom only) BUT.. you will see there is one entry for a place called Schönau.... and with some uncommon first name too. as i mentioned i thought podzuweit to be a more eastern german name. in the meantime, i found anniversaries in some old ostpreußen paper giving the names of 2 podzuweits originally from schloßberg borough in ostpreußen.
    and another address:
    http://www.podzuweit.de/ you have to click the "mehr" button beneath "kontakt" top right, there's several family's email addresses
    Good Luck!

  • Hallo Matt,

    This makes so much sense, I found that my Great Grandmother Karoline (Schneider) Podschweit / Podzuweit was born in Schoenau,Pfalz, Bayern, Germany and it lists her father as George Friederich Schneider born 13 Feb 1798(in Rumbach) but her mother as Dorthea Jacky born in 1805 in Schoenau with her parents also born there.

    I will follow up on your links to see if I get an answer... thanks again for your help, I am going to owe you a beer (bier).


  • Hi Nan,

    according to this, Carl's father's name was Christian: https://www.familysearch.org/s…/pal:/MM9.1.r/9FQJ-XV8/p1

    I found a Charles, born 1860, father Charles, mother Carolina, but her maiden name was Schluskey: https://www.familysearch.org/s…/pal:/MM9.1.r/9F7P-NV9/p1

    The Carolina that you mentioned, married to Georg Buckio: https://www.familysearch.org/s…/pal:/MM9.1.r/99PW-HXG/p1

    Here all children of Schneider/Jacky: https://www.familysearch.org/s…%2Bmother_surname%3Ajacky


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  • Hi Anita,

    Carl is definately my great grandfather and Charles is my great uncle (Friederich Wilhelm is my grandfather and he spelled his last name Podschweit in the US), why are thre so many spellings of that difficult name? That is what makes it so confusing, now I will look for Schluskey for my great grand mothers family. It is such a mystery trying to find out where they were from and if there are any relatives I can find in Germany. Maybe I can find out more when I am in Germany in October, I wish I find the right link before I go.

    Thanks again for your help.


  • Nan,

    wherefrom do you have the information that Caroline's maiden name was Schneider and that she was born in Schoenau on Oct 25, 1832? Do you have any document about this?


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  • Hi Anita,

    I checked my notes and I picked up Schoenau for Caroline's birthplace from a wrong link in Ancestry.com, now I believe the correct link for Caroline Schneider has a date of birth of October 9, 1832 in Plafferode near Muhlausen/Thuringen. The GenWeb site of burials for my mother's family home town shows this same date of birth but only shows that she was born in Germany. I still think that she was a Schneider because there were many Schneider's already living where the family settled in the US. I am going to try to find a link between Caroline and the other Schneider. There has to be some reason my family settled in the small town.

    I will also try to contact a cousin who grew up in that area because she might remember something about the Schneider family

    Sorry for the confusion, I feel like I am going in circles.

    Nan ?(