Kastner ancestors

  • Hello,

    I hope I am in the right area, I am looking for my ancestor Christian Bernhard Kastner b 15.08.1830 in GroBrudstedt who married Karoline Fredricke Auguste Fritsch b 30.07.1839 (Hocksted?) the were married on 26.04.1863.

    Christian did not come to the US with Karoline (Fredia), maybe she was a widow? Also their oldest daughter Minnie Kastner Bruhle (B 1864-1866?) was married so she stayed in Germany. Fredia and her other children traveled to the US around 1882 or 1883 where her brother Fredrich Fritsch b 12.05.1841 had settled in Plano, IL around 1865-1867.

    Children that iimmigrated to US with their mother:

    Albertine Hulda Kastner b. 27.10.1867

    Charles Kastner b 02.02.1870

    Augusta Wilhelmine Kastner b 04.06.1872

    Paul Otto Kastner b 24.10.1875

    Clara Kastner b 08.06.1879

    I would appreciate any information about Christian or Minnie, I will be in Germany next week and will try to find some more info if I can.



  • Thank you for your reply Friedhard, I will search for information in this area. We will be on the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers so unfortunately we won't be able to search in person.


  • Hello,
    we have Kästner in our Familiy. Maybe the same?

    Lina (or Lena or Helena- we are not sure) Käsnter - geb. 1885 - 1973 um Firedrichroda, Sister: Toni Kästner, Brother: Walter Kästner
    Mother: Aenne Kästner

    It is Possible that aAenne a Sister from Christian? I have not enough information.

    Grettings Bouquet

  • Hi Bouquet,

    Thank you for your reply, I will try to find some info on Aenne to see if there is a connection. I was in Germany the first two weeks in October and loved it, such a beautiful Country.



  • I am still searching for information on my ancestors listed above, I found a photo online of Grossrudestedt Kirche, it is yellow with black roof and tall steeple. If anyone knows how to contact them to find out if they have a marriage record for my ancestors from1839, please reply.


  • Hello Nan,

    As to your last posting, we would have to know if your ancestors were protestants or catholics. Most of the church registers are nowadays in central archives and no longer with the parishes.