Mantz or Mantzen coat of arms,

  • Dear interested,

    In the hope someone can help me with the following,

    I think i have discovered the oldest registration of the coat of arms belonging to my mother, Mantz or Mantzen.

    It was mentioned in the first "wappenbuch" by Johann Siebmacher dating back to 1605 (section Austrian nobility)

    Also it was later published by Baptiste Rietstap in his "armorial general" and although his description is slightly different, it is very likely that it belongs to the same branche of Mantzen.

    Please have a look and tell me what you think, because i want to make sure it is infact the same.

    First the description of Rietstap,

    Mantz "Écartelé aux 1 et 4 d'or à un chandelier de sable aux 2 et 3 de sable à trois flammes d'or mouvant du bas Casque couronné Cimier un homme cuirassé issant coiffé d'un casque tenant de sa main dextre une masse d'armes entre deux proboscides d'or et de sable ornées dans leur embouchure de feuilles de sinople"

    Compare that description to this:

    Name, color and placement are the same, as well as the flames, figure on top, the closed visor on the helmet, leave ornaments, the trunks and so on.

    Other information;

    When my mother was a little girl she asked my great-grandfather about the stone tablet picturing the coat of arms of the Mantz family.

    It was antique and it was probably part of a tableau, fixed to a wall or fireplace at some point in it's life.

    He told her that one of their earliest ancestors was a member of the household of one of the Emperors of great Germany and while in service he got rewarded for ? and was promoted into nobility by ?


    What are the black objects depicted in the crest? (1/4) amforas/arrows/oil-lamps/tower/candlesticks/ace of spades?

    Where can i find any other information about the original owner of these coat of arms?

    Thanks in advance and i hope to hear from you.

    A C V

  • Hello,
    first: the form Mantzen in Siebmacher's is nothing else than the plural of Mantz and does mean: all the mebers of that particular noble family in Austria.
    second: Mantz, Manz is one Southern German short form of the first name Manfred, which later on became a last name (also in Austria and Switzerland).
    third: therfore we have quite a few families by that name and different arms for some of them.
    fourth: arms do not go by last name but by descendence.
    fifth: and now we have to come up with genealogy, who when where and so on and so forth upto 1600...
    Best regards