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    • Good evening I've recently joined this forum. I've learned much from the discussions though my German is very limited. I look forward to learning more of my ancestors who emigrated to South Australia between 1841 and 1858. I'm not expecting that others will do the hard work for me - but a few hints along the way will help. It would be a bonus to link up with anyone who shares the same ancestry as I do but perhaps this is a bit ambitious. I've got to the point where I now need to continue my research with German/Polish records.
    • The families from which I am descended are:
      Krüger (Huta Powidz, Provinz Posen) 1847
      Jenke (Rackel, Kingdom Sachsen) 1854
      Materne (Ostritz, Provinz Brandenburg) 1858
      Schultz (Bentschen, Provinz Posen) 1841
      Semmler (Nekla Hauland, Provinz Posen) 1846
      Menzel (Nekla Hauland, Provinz Posen) 1846
      Schulz (Alt Beutnitz, Provinz Brandenburg) 1858
      Kruschel (Padligar, Provinz Brandenburg) 1847
      Jaeger (Rottstock, Provinz Sachsen) 1855
      Dahlitz (Werben, Provinz Brandenburg) 1855
      Kalleske or Kalliske nee Franke (Langmeil, Provinz Brandenburg) 1855
      Altmann (Schloin, Provinz Schlesien) 1844
      Klauber (Janny, Provinz Schlesien) 1855

    Are any of these names in these locations familiar?

    Barry Krueger

  • Hi Barry,
    welcome to our forum.
    I think, you should post your ancestors also in our special parts: Posen, Brandenburg, Sachsen and Schlesien.
    Searching might be very difficult for you, the names Krüger, Schultz, Menzel and Jäger are very common in these regions. So the best is, you give all details you know about in order to get some help.
    Good luck