Portofee, Goehrke (East Prussia)

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    recently I learned ,that part of my family comes from East Prussia (Virballen, Wilkowischken - today - Lithuania). I am looking for information about the meaning of names PORTOFEE, GOEHRKE.

    Thank you in advance.

  • hello, had a look around , couldn't find no further clues though, apart from that there is a different spelling "portofée". so maybe of french origin, maybe with a different spelling
    for Göhrke Goehrke Goerke probably a version of gehrke possibly leading back to georgke
    havea look on http://goerke.us/genealogy/

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    Goerke in East Prussia are also some of my forefathers, but I dont know anything of them. (take a look on my online-family tree.

    The name Portefee must be french, so maybe with the hugenots that french family came to Germany.


  • Hi,

    The spelling PORTEFÉE is a little more common, it was recorded in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and in France.
    However, the correct spelling must be PORTEFAIX, a homonyme, which occurs very often in France.
    Portefaix means carrier.


  • Hello all,
    thank you veru much for your answers.
    It's very interesting for me, especially because I had never imagined that my ancestors came from East Prussia, and now I learn that even from France ...
    Thank you.