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  • Hello, I live in the USA and am trying to find out information on my paternal grandfather's family Anderschat. We know that this is likely not the name of Karl Anderschat and John Carl Anderschat when they came to the states back in the 1870-1880's but we are at a loss for finding information on our family in West Prussia. My great grandfather John Carl Anderschat was born in Schwetz, West Prussia in 1873 to Karl Anderschat and Anna (Bleck) Anderschat. John Carl's wife was Leokadia Prangel, born in 1874 in possibly the same area, or near Danzig (this is not clear in our family records). any thoughts on how to start searching for this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Von Schwetz, Kreis Schwestz, sind die ev. Kirchenbücher von 1775 bis 1911 im Evangelischen Zentralarchiv Berlin [die Mormonen haben hiervon Filme], die kath. Kirchenbücher von 1643 bis 1952 im Diözesanarchiv Pelpin [die Mormonen haben hiervon Filme].
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    2nd referring to your research:
    I believe this is a link to the records of Schwetz at the archiv mentioned from Friedrich: http://www.ezab.de/e/ebframe.html

    If you get online no sucess this is the contact to ask direktly how to get further information:

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