Bornheim & Essingen 1790-1816 Family Registers

  • Looking for location of these Family Registers or alternatives copies. Have tried both churches, both Burgermeisters, Bistumarchiv Speyer,Landesarchiv Speyer, Archiv Evangelical Church Pfalz, Stadtverwalttung Landau, Verbandsgemeinde Offenbach (no answer) Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz ( no answer so far.)

    Information on Joannis Frech and Gertrudis Schoenhoefer needed. Marriage date (about 1800-1808) parents of both. Not sure if they lived in Essingen or Bornheim.

  • Hello,
    How long you be waiting for answer ?

    viele Grüße
    suche Volkemer >1720 Pfalz; Elsaß; Lothringen;
    Schmidt in Syrgenstein/Bayern-Schwaben und Lothringen Raum Bitsch > 1720

  • Offenbach 2 Months. Koblenz 1 Month

    Sorry Ulrich I don't understand your reply. Is that a book or something ?

  • Thank you for your reply and advice.
    Just heard from Landeshauptarchiv,Koblenz. They say Registers are at Kreisverwaltung Sudliche Weinstrasse. Haven't been sent to Koblenz yet.
    Been looking for these Registers, off and on for 11 years. Emailed them this morning.
    Any researchers in that area on this forum ?