Parents of Henrich Stuve

  • Henrich Stuve, my great-grandfather, was born in September 1846 in Nenndorf, Hannover. He emmigrated to the US about 1865 and lived in Brooklyn, NY. He married Anna Catharina Steljes in May 1874 in Brooklyn. She was born in Spredig auf Osterholtz, Hannover. I have found her family in the Teufelsmoor Ortsfamilienbuecher but not his family. I would appreciate any information about his parents and am happy to share what I know of their life in the US.

    I have since obtained his death certificate . He died 4 August 1907 in Brooklyn, NY. His parents are listed as Johann Stuve and Christina Maria Stelling.

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  • Hello,
    since you already know the exact birth date you could write to this address:
    That is the email address of the responsible church administrative office for Nenndorf.
    Hope this was helpful.
    Good luck with your research.