wesel 1809-1810

  • Hello,
    Hope anyone can help .

    I'm looking for death-certificate of my ancestor DEVILLé Franciscus (François) +Wesel, 11 december 1810 . Spouse name MARTIN Ludovica (Louise) born in Ghent/B, yet I couldn't trace her birth-certificate . But so I guess Devillé Franciscus was born in Belgium too and might have been enrolled in Wesel as a soldier under Napoleon, but that's not sure .

    I'm also looking for the birth-certificate of his son DEVILLé Joannes Antonius Bonavontura °Wesel, 12 november 1809 .

    I tried difference ways for several years to find both father and son without any result . Now I hope someone can help me find my lost ancestors .

    Sorry for the English message .

    Kind regards,

  • Hallo Nicky
    Diese Unterlagen sind im Personenstandsarchiv im Schloss Brühl und im Stadtarchiv in Wesel.
    Freundlichen Gruß, Wilfried

    Hello Nicky
    You can find these records in the Personel archives in Schloß Bruel and the Bruel Archives in Wesel.
    Kind regards, Wilfried

  • Hallo Wilfried,

    Thank you very much for your help !
    I will contact both archives and let you know the, hopefully positive, results . It would be great after all these years to find out where my ancestors come from .

    Kind regards,