Family FRUK & WAGNER: place Pzellenk - need help!

  • Hello from Canada, Trying to locate village or town of Przellenk - is this now Przelek? Would like to connect with someone who lives there to learn about 2 families that lived there early 1920's. Emma Fruk worked for the Wagner family and left for Canada in 1928, leaving behind a daughter Frieda, age 9. Frieda came to Canada in 1931, age 12. Family was Lutheran - what church would they have belonged to and where is it? The Fruk family lived across the street from the Wagner family. Please contact me at All help greatly appreciated. (*)

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  • Hello lindycat,

    to locate your village or town of Przellenk it is very important to let us know, where you got this information from or any other hints which might help us. My first research now showed me the town of Płośnica (, where you can find the village Przełęk Duży (former german name: Groß Przellenk). Please let us now, if this is the village you were looking for. Kind regards

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  • Yes, I think that it the correct place. The person whom I am helping thought the spelling was Prselleuk - but Przellenk was the closest name I could find. The 'u' could easily have been an 'n'. When Emma Fruk came to Canada in 1928 she claimed she was Polish, but her daughter Frieda claimed to be German when she came 3 years later. I am trying to assist Frieda's son to locate his ancestors. Thank you for your help! Lindy

  • Hi Lindycat,

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    One point to bear in mind is that country boundaries changed a lot in Central Europe, so maybe Emma was born in (then) Poland, and saw herself as being polish, and when Frieda was born, it was then in Germany, and Frieda, being younger, would describe herself as German.

    Many parts of Poland belonged to different countries at different times.