Church Records Alt Limmritz

  • I have an ancestor whose emigration record states an origin of "Limmritz/Sternberg" (1854). If my research is correct that equates to "Alt Limmritz" in the district of Sternberg which today would be "Lemierzyce, Poland". I am trying to determine if the LDS church would hold records for this area but cannot seem to find it in a "place search" of their catalog. Any ideas of where I might find these records or a locale to use in searching for this area?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi "KappFamily",

    hopefully someone will be along soon with precise information for you, but if you can read german, these two links may be give you some useful general inforation about Limmritz:

    you can find more sites by entering alt limmritz neumark in a search engine, but they are mostly in german and polish. Beware also of links to a Limmritz in Saxony.


  • Thanks, Bob.
    I had already fallen into the Limmritz, Saxony trap and it was actually those pages (and Google Translate :D ) that got me this far. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find reference to films for this area. I was hoping that someone knew how the films would be categorized for this area and if they would be held in a German or Polish archive. I will try the searches with Neumark as well.