Breisler,Briselir,Brisner, Preisler,Preissner, Bricaner & Hardwick

  • Hi, Looking for family history of Hendrick George Briesler. Would be willing to pay for some research if someone thinks they can find any info.
    The Brieslers came from Breslau, Germany and settled with other Germans at Germantown, Braintree, MA, USA in the early 1700's.
    He married Elizabeth Hardwick whose parents also came to Germantown.
    Hendrick (or Hinrick) George Briesler as the name came to be written was one of the Palatine Germans who came to Germantown in 1752 or 3 to work in the glass works, and was one of the few who remained here when most of the others removed to Waldoboro, Maine after the failure of the glass works.
    He married "George Breisner & Elizabeth Hardwick" Oct.5,1753. She was born in Germany about 1735. She died "Mrs. Elizabeth" Mar.8,1814 a. 79 "very suddenly" at Quincy, daughter probably of John Peter Hardwick (or Hartwigg) of Wurtenburg, Germany & Germantown.
    There also was a Burckhart Briesler at Germantown in 1761 when he and George Briesler were exempted from military duty as workers at the factories of John Palmer.