• My Great great grandfather Gottfried Kriedemann (born at Wollin - Uckermark 6th September 1837 and his wife (Friedericke Wilhelmine nee Gerke [born 2nd May 1843 & also born in Wollin]- they were married in 1864) left Hamburg on the 13 October 1865 on the sailing ship the "Cesar Godeffroy". His fathers name was also Gottfried and was married to Dorothea Wagner. Family folk lore has it that one brother went to Australia, one to South Africa and one to USA. We have been in contact with "Kriedemanns" in South Africa - they have a similar family story to ours - their relative is named Wilhelm (also from the Wollin Uckermark area) and there is reputed to be an Adolph in the mix somewhere who went to USA. Wilhelm (29 years old), a labourer from Wollin, an island in the Baltic Sea and part of Pomerania (Germany), accompanied by his wife Wilhelmine (27 years old) with their children Wilhelm (3 years old) and Wilhelmine (1 year old). According to the ships records, Wilhelmine (1) died en route to South Africa. We have no paper trail to connect these families.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Terry :thumbsup: