Hello Looking from my Posen/Poznan ancestors

  • First, let me apologize for writing in English, you may answer in any language. I will understand.

    I'm looking for my grandfather birth certificate, but i'm not sure where to look.
    My grand father was born in 1913 in Pamiontkowo which was a village in the province of Posen.
    In 1913 this village was still German, not long after in 1918-1919 it switched hands and became apart of Poland under the polish corridor.

    If anyone knows to which Standesamt I need to write to, to look for this information I will be honestly grateful.

  • Try this address

    Archiwum Panstwowe w Poznaniu
    Ul. 23 Lutego 41/43
    60-967 Poznan

    yours faithfully


    Dauersuche nach Kämmerer, Wiedemeyer, Widmaier, Kolbe und Zacharias, Würz, Fritsche