St Peter's Church Hamburg.

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    Georg Heinrich Friedrich August ARMBRUST b. 1818 d. 1869. Organist St Peter's Church, Hamburg 1856. (see

    Does anyone know where I can get more details on him ? I know he was also a composer of organ music and had a son named Karl F. ARMBRUST also a musician who may have been the father of Walter ARMBRUST.

    As always any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Edited once, last by norton67: More information: My Georg ARMBRUST was born at Itzehoe abt 1822 as shown in Itzehoe Census VZ1835. Family No. I.091F01 Address: Kleine Kapellenstase, No 133 I know there is a difference in birth year of 4 years but could this be the same Georg ARMBRUST that played the organ at St Peter's Church ? ALSO: I have more information (and questions) on this family if anyone is interested. Thank you :) ().

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    maybe this could help a bit


    in the middle of this page Karl is calles "son in law" of Faisst, Immanuel


    I found something else, maybe it could be interesting: you can find the Orgelsonate (I don't know the english word for this) "Nun danket alle Gott" by Carl Armbrust in "Hamburger Orgelbuch" which you can buy at online-bookstores

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    some links, perhaps useful:…=L5H3XwAACAAJ&redir_esc=y…eranstaltungen_sep_09.htm (see below: 19.00 Uhr: Orgelvorführung

    und Texte aus dem Abnahmebericht von Georg Armbrust aus dem Jahre
    1859. Es erklingen hierbei auch Orgelwerke von Georg Armbrust, der an
    der St. Petri-Kirche in Hamburg Organist war). Perhaps the organist at St. Petri, Buxtehude, knows something about Georg Armbrust? Kontakt: reinhard.gundlach [ät] t-online. de

  • Kara and Jens,

    Thank you. I'm checking into these leads now. There is a slight chance that Georg was a son of my g'g'g'grandfather but the birth years are a few years off. If anyone knows of a birth record for George that would be very helpful.

    Again I thank you for your responses.


    Bob A.

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    Georg Heinrich Friedrich Armbrust ist gebürtig aus Harburg und am 14. Juni 1848 in Hamburg St. Georg mit Anna Charlotte Wilhelmine Horst aus Hamburg copuliert.

    Georg Heinrich Friedrich Armbrust was born at Harburg and married 14th of June 1848 at St. Georg Anna Charlotte Wilhelmine Horst from Hamburg.

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    It looks more and more like this George is not the relative I thought he might have been. There were several ARMBRUSTs around the Hamburg area and I wonder if more than I have are also family members.

    Again, thank you for your input :)

    Bob A.