Looking for HEBBE - KLAUBER - HOPPE - PRATE(R) - SCHWEDE family history in the LEIPZIG area

  • Hello,

    I am from Australia and hoping someone very kind person can help me. For the last 10 years I have been searching for my HEBBE ancestors and their relatives from the LEIPZIG area. This is the information I have based on my grandfathers marriage and death certificates and writing on the back of photographs that he received from his German family.

    My great grandfather Herman Robert August HEBBE was married to Mary KLAUBER. Herman's occupation was listed as a "schneider/tailor" on my grandfathers marriage certificate.

    They had the following known children:

    1. Gertrud HEBBE
    2. Hanni HEBBE
    3. Franziska HEBBE
    4. Arno Richard Paul HEBBE - geboren: 18 February 1897 in Leipzig. (this is my grandfather)
    5. Ehrich HEBBE (he is a possible son based on writing on the back of a 1915 WWI postcard he sent to his "sister" Franziska stating that he was happy he received "the letter" from Gertrud.)

    * Photographs show that Gertrud married a man named Arthur and that he was a WWI soldier.

    * Photographs show that a Carl Heinz SCHWEDE is attached to this family and that his children were Carl & Lotti SCHWEDE, he was possibly linked to Hanni.

    * A photograph of Hanni shows that she lived in Leipzig Mockern in 1918.

    * A 1915 Postcard from Ehrich addressed to Franziska HEBBE/HOPPE shows that she lived in Warburgstr, Mockern. In 1948 a photograph sent to my grandfather shows that Franziska HEBBE and Gustav HOPPE lived in Leipzig - Gohlis. Their children were Friedel HOPPE and Reni (Irene) HOPPE. There is a man named Rudi attached to this family, he is "possibly" a brother or relation of some kind.

    * Photographs show that Friedel HOPPE married Erich PRATE(R) and that their children were Klaus and Karin PRATE(R) and that at some stage they were located Durrweg 6, Taucha.

    * A photograph of Reni HOPPE shows that she is in Buchholz in 1948 and that she is Arno's niece.

    * Arno HEBBE's 1924 Australian marriage certificate to my grandmother Josphine Shanahan shows his father Herman HEBBE being alive and his mother Mary Hebbe (nee KLAUBER) as being deceased.

    Arno Richard Paul HEBBE was my grandfather. He came to Australia in 1913 as a sailor at the age of 16 years on the ship "Scharnhorst" and departed from the port of Bremen. During this time, he was interned here as an alien enemy of the nation due to the outbreak of WW1. In 1923 he became a naturalised citizen and remained here in Australia until his death in 1951.

    If anyone can help me locate further details about these family members and the ancestors of Herman HEBBE and Mary KLAUBER I will be eternally grateful.
    I understand that I will have to write to the Leipzig State Archives to access many of these details. If someone could tell me how much they charge to obtain birth, death and marriage certificates and help me to write a letter to apply for these items in the German language this would be most appreciated.

    Kindest regards,

    Louise Hebbe.