Ferdinand Jurgen Friedrich ARMBRUST

  • F J F A was my g'-g'-grandfather. This recent GOOGLE SEARCH revealed this latest information (see below) but when I click the link it comes up ERROR & "That's all we know". Can anyone offer any assistance ? I'll be very grateful indeed. Thank you in advance :)

    Bob Armbrust
    Port Orange, FL USA

    From GOOGLE SEARCH: Click the link " Screen shot 2012 .... " below.

    Thank you :)


    I don't need technical help, I mean can anyone help find what's in the book(s).

    Thanks :)

  • Hello and thank you :) Yes Kara, I would love to have a translation of the info on that page. From what I can tell it looks like just No. 4 & 5 apply to my g'g'grandfather and (I think) his ship but more if you think I should have it. I'd also like to have the name and etc. of the book it is listed in.

    Thank you ver much. It's exciting to find things from the past :)


    Bob A.

  • Thank you for responding Julien :) I do already have that information but I'm grateful for your response none the less, the more the merrier :)

    Best wishes,

    Bob A. :danke:

  • hello Bob,

    the title of the book is "Schleswig-Holsteinische Anzeigen für das Jahr 1861"

    the text on page 123

    Nr 4. is about a man named Ludwig Friedrich Speeßen, I think this is not of interest for you

    Nr 5.

    Zweite Bekanntmachung.

    Es ist Seitens Beikommender dieselbst angezeigt worden, daß der Capitain D.Thiessen, führend das hiesige Schiff "Johannes", am 2. April d.J. in offener See, ungefähr 20 Meilen westwärts von Helgoland, ein von der Mannschaft gänzlich verlassenes Schiff, welches sich demnächst als ein mit ( Oelsachen ? ) beladener Hamburger Galeo?ewer "Ferdinand", Capitain Ferdinand Jürgen Friedrich Armbrust, von Hamburg nach Brügge bestimmt, ausgewiesen, treibend gefunden, dasselbe geborgen und in den hiesigen Hafen gebracht habe.
    In dieser Veranlassung werden alle Diejenigen, welche an vorgedachtes Schiff oder dessen Ladung, für deren Inventierung und sonstige Sicherung die nöthige Sorge getragen und deren gesammtwerth auf ungefähr 6333 1/3 ? R.=M. oder 9500 ? Hamb. Bco. veranschlagt ist, Ansprüche zu haben gleuben, hiedurch aufgefordert. selbige innerhalb 12 Wochen, von der letzten Bekanntmachung angerechnet, mit ihren Beweisdocumenten bei dem Ober=Präsidium hieselbst anzugeben, worauf sie nach Bestellung gehöriger Bevollmächtigten fernere rechtliche Verfügungen zu gegenwärtigen haben. Der öffentliche Verkauf der Ladung hat, um selbige dem Verderb oder der Entwerthung zu entziehen, bereits verfügt werden müssen.
    Königl. Ober=Präsidium zu Altona, den 13.April 1861

    in the same book on page 127/128

    Nr 7.
    Dritte und letzte Bekanntmachung

    same text as above

    I'm sorry but someone other has to translate this, I have problems with translating that old german text.


  • Hello Kara,

    Thank you for posting that page. I ran it through a Google translation which I know is not the best but it looks like my g'g'grandfather came upon a ship adrift and brought it back into port from what I can determine. This is the crude Google translation:

    Second notice.

    It has been shown the part Beikommender dieselbst, that the captain D.Thiessen, the local leader ship "John", on 2 April d.J. determined in the open sea, about 20 mileswest of Heligoland, one of the team completely abandoned ship, which is soon as onewith (Oelsachen?) loaded Hamburg Galeo? ewer "Ferdinand", Captain Jürgen Friedrich Ferdinand Armbrust, from Hamburg to Bruges, have reported, found adrift,salvaged and brought to the same local port.
    In this occasion, all those who thought of pre-ship or its cargo, for the invert and other security taken the requisite care and whose? Total value to approximately 6333 third R= M. or 9500? Hamb. Bco. estimated, claims to have is gleuben, prompted by this means. selbige within 12 weeks of the last publication count, with their evidenceDOCUMENTS at the top = specify Bureau hieselbst what they have to order relatedproxy distant legal injunctions to present. The public sale of the cargo to avoidspoilage or selbige Entwerthung, must be already available.
    Königl. Upper = Bureau to Altona, the April 13, 1861

    I know that FJFA owned and captained a the schooner Ferdinand by Christie's Ship Register 1858. I welcome any and all comments on this thread of posts by anyone who may have anything / any thoughts to offer. Also any further / additional translations of the info contained will be most appreciated.Thank you so much, one and all :danke: Bob A.

  • hello Bob,

    not your ancestor found this ship "Ferdinand", the ship was found by Capitain D.Thiessen with noone on board. Thiessen brougt the ship back.


  • Hello Kara,

    I'm confused. I'm sure my g'g'grandfather's ship was the Ferdinand. Am I reading the translated page incorrectly ? It seems the Ferdinand was the ship that brought the abandoned ship back.


    Bob A.

  • The ship "Johannes" ("John" in your translation) with Capitain Theissen brought the abandoned "Ferdinand" back. Capitain Armbrust is mentioned as the owner the ship "Ferdinand", but not onboard, in fact nobody seems to have been onboard of this ship.
    Do you have further track of your ancestor, any hint what became of him?

  • Hello M.I.F.E.

    The only info I have about my ancestor F J F A is that he owned and captained the schooner Ferdinand ( Christie's Ship Register 1858 ) and that he "died at sea" 1863. I'd like to know anything more.


    Bob A.