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  • Bitte entschuldige fur mein slechtes Deutsch! Deutsch ist nicht meiner ersten Sprache. Ich suche meine Vorfahren in Deutschland. Ich habe die folgenden Informationen von ihnen: Franciscus Wilde, der sich am 15 May 1792 in Dülmen verheiratet hat mit Anna Maria Reuevers. (dass sind meine Ur-ur-ur-ur Großeltern). Ich weiß leider Ihre Geburtsdaten nicht (+_1865). Ich weiß daß sie Katholisch waren und einen Sohn (meine Ur-ur-ur GroßVater) hatten, genannt Melchior Wilde, der am 22sten Januar 1796 in Dülmen getauft werde.
    Auf die Website der Diözese Münster habe ich schon gefunden daß die Kirchebücher von Dülmen in den Archiven der Diözese Münster verwahrt werden. Ich plane dieses Archiv bald zu besuchen. Doch bevor ich das tue habe ich einige Fragen:
    Ich weiß nur die Namen und das Hochzeitsdatum (in Dülmen) meiner altesten Vorfahren, und den Namen, und das Datum der Tauf, ihres Sohnes (meiner Ur-ur-ur Grossvater). Ich weiß leider nichts von Deutscher Kirchenbucher. Wie kann ich herausfinden in welcher Kirchenbucher ich suchen sollte? Sind diese zBs vielleicht pro Jahr ein zu sehen?
    Welcher Informationen stehen in Deutscher Kirchenbucher uber Heiraten und Geburte? Kann ich darin vielleicht weitere Informationen uber meine weiteren Vorfahren finden? Gibt es zBs die Daten von den Eltern des Braudigams in Heirats Aufzeignungen?
    Danke sehr fur ihre Hilfe/Tips!
    Barry Wilde

  • Hi Barry,

    Based on your name, I think that your mother tongue is English, so I'll reply in that language.

    This is the website of the Bistumsarchiv Münster (BAM). You can find all the information about opening hours, fees (currently 4 Euro for 1/2 day) etc. there.…r/wir_ueber_uns/index.php

    There's a special contact mentioned for genealogists:
    Mrs. Barbara Steinberg
    Phone: +49 251 495-519

    Normally there are different church registers for baptisms, marriages and deaths. First, always check if there's a register of surnames in the book, which makes searching so much easier and faster.

    How detailed the information about the persons is depends on the period and the priest. Some only wrote down the "must haves", others gave additional information. In christening records you **might** find information on the exact place where the family lived, the profession and the grandparents (no must though). Sometimes you just find the date of christening, the names of the child, the parents and the god parents.

    In a marriage record you mostly find the names of the parents of groom and bride and sometimes where they came from. However, I've also come across entries that don't include but the names of groom and bride.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Simone,

    Many thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it! I already look forward to my visit to the Bistumsarchiv in Münster. Hopefully, the church records will shed a bit more light on Franciscus because this is where, for the moment, my search ends. Let's hope that he lived in the right period, and met the right priest! But whatever I find, I am positive that it is going to be an interesting visit!

    Many thanks again,

    Wishing you a very nice day,


  • Hello Barry,

    the marriage Wilde oo Reuevers is available online (LDS database). Unfortunately there are no further info and therefore I doubt whether you will find them in Münster. Also online available is the baptism register of Dülmen 1691-1749. It is neither containing any Wilde nor Reuevers. Therefore I guess that both families have not been traditionally of Dülmen origin.
    Sorry for having no better news. Nevertheless good luck for your further researches!

    Kind regards

  • Hi Detlef,

    Many thanks for your message. I did indeed find the marriage in the LDS database. Unfortunately, as you say, this record did not offer much info, so I was hoping to find more in Munster. If that fails, I'm afraid I'm stuck...

    Thanks for trying, and for the info,

    Have a great weekend,


  • Hi Britta,

    Many thanks for your help! I also found that record. In fact, a copy of the marriage papers from Helmond is now in my possession. Unfortunately, they do not shed much light on Wilde / Reuver (or Reuever - in the LDS birth records of the children, Reuevers - in the LDS mariage record, or Reiven - in Melchior's death certificate). Aside from the details of Melchior's marriage itself, they only confirm that Melchior was born in Dulmen, that the Helmond authorities saw the birth certificates of his parents, evidence that Melchior had fulfilled his obligations towards the German National Police (I found a German arrest warrant for him, after he had apparently escaped from prison!) and they confirm his parents' names. Unfortunately, they do not confirm his parents' dates of birth and/or birth place. In short, I only know his parents' names; that all their children were born in Dulmen; and that the parents were married in Dulmen. I have since sought everywhere in The Netherlands but find no trace of Franciscus and Anna Maria, hence the idea to continue the search in Germany (or Munster to be precise, which is where the Dulmen church registers are kept apparently). If that fails, my search seems to have come to an end...

    Many thanks again for your help,

    Kind regards,


  • Hello Barry,

    I think that it is a good idea to visit the archive in Münster because they have the church registers of a larger area around Dülmen.

    What I would do as a preparation is to use (refine search entering "Westfalen" and maybe "Prussia" as place name) and to identify places in the area where the surnames appeared before 1800.

    As to Reuevers, that name seemed to be frequent in Coesfeld which is just around the corner from Dülmen, for example.

    Good luck,

  • Hi Simone,

    Many thanks for the tips. I'll certainly widen the search area! Also, Melchior's marriage records refer to the fact that the Dutch authorities saw his birth certificate and his parents' death certificates from Dulmen so, as you say, I definitely think that it'll be worth my while to visit the archive in Munster to see if I can find out more.

    Many thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it!

    Kind regards,