• Hello Frederik,

    Engelbrecht is an old German christian name, particulary liked in midieval times. It is a variation of the christian name Engelbert. That is a composition of Engel and Bert/Brecht. Engel, originally Angle, is meaning the clan of the Angles, who lived in Schleswig and colonised England (Anglo-Saxons). Bert is derived from the old German word beraht, meaning magnificent/brilliant.
    Later on the name was interpreted as magnificent/brilliant like an angle.

    Kind regards

  • Engelbert, Engelbrecht, Engelbreth - aus dedn gleich lautenden Rufnamen _angil + beraht- hervorgegangener Familiennamen.


    Fürchte nicht Deine Feinde, sondern fürchte die, denen Du vertraust.