Three questions if you please.

  • Hello all,

    I have three questions. One & two concern a book "150 JAHRE BLANKENESER SCHIFFAHRT 1785 - 1935" published in 1963 which is written in the German language. One sentence says " ... was first Hans Hinrich Tiemann (S) jr and then ..." Then in a different part of the book a sentence says "... was Hans Tiemann Jun ..." These sentences are about two different ships and events that are unrelated to each other. I think this may be father and son but I'm not sure.

    My questions are: What does the (S) followed by the jr mean and what does the Jun mean in the second instance.

    If more information from the book would help I can provide it.

    My next question is : Does anyone have access to census reports earlier than 1803 ? Particularly Itzehoe. I'm still trying to find my 4th g'grandmother Margarethe WENDEL (abt 1867) and her illegitimate son Johann Matthias Anton ARMBRUST (abt 1869) who are in the 1803 census as family No. 315 with Dammann. What I'd really like to find is who Matthias' father was.

    Thank you very much :)


    Bob Armbrust

  • Hello Bob,

    the (S) has something to do with the qualifikation/experiences of the crew-member. Unfortunately I do not remember, what it was exactly. Hope anybody of the listers will answer that quetion more precisely.

    Regarding Itzehoe you can contact the church-office of St. Laurentii, St. Ansgar and St. Jürgen:
    Gaby Kürschner und Ellen Thormählen
    Kirchenstraße 10, D 25524 Itzehoe
    Tel.: (0 48 21) 67 62 -10
    Fax: (0 48 21) 67 62 -11

    Kind regards

  • Hi Detlef,

    Thank you for that on the (S) thing. At first I wondered if the (S) maybe meant possessive case as in the English language .... Bob's means belongs to Bob. Maybe (S) means Seaman ? Just a guess. Would the jr mean junior as in Hans Hinrich Tiemann Jr. ? Again in English Jr. means a son has the exact same name as his father. If so what does the Jun in the second instance I sent mean ?

    I sent an e mail to the parish once quite a while back and got a fairly quick response that nothing was found. Since then I have sent one additional e mail asking the same question and got no response. Perhaps the first was correct even though rather hasty. It seems to be a brick wall for me.

    Thanks again for all your help :)