helga greta rehders , born hamburg 1928

  • hi. looking for a family members history , HELGA GRETA REHDERS , born 10/11/1928 , mothers name was wilheminea , father died in hamburg blitz , mother remarried a HERR REIB? died late 1980`s . helga came to uk and married peter campbell in liverpool 1949 . he was in hamburg with the 8th army . helga died in 1990 in liverpool . we think her family may have a connection with furniture ( shops or factory ) we would be greatful for any help finding helgas family .( lutherian church family ) :wacko:

    Edited 2 times, last by Lemondog: new info . helga father was , HEINRICH HOLTING REHDERS, listed on her wedding cert as furniture manufacturer, also know that helga went to a private school , so this must have been a prominent family. ().