Pavler - Christoph 1690 in the region of Württemberg, Germany

  • looking for information about my ancestors,

    the family Pavler - Christoph he was born in 1665 in Alsace, Palatinate, Hess, Germany, he had a son Christopher, he was born in 1690 in the region of Württemberg, Germany I have no information on the mother or when the father has died, but know it was in Germany
    Christoph married in 1716 (approx.) Barbara (Pauera) Smith in Germany - she was born 20 Born September 1694 in Mickhausen, Bavaria, Germany

    Christop & Pauera went to the United States from London, United Kingdom , From Germany in 1717 with 20 families from from Wuerttemberg, Baden, and the Palatinate agree with Capt. Tarbett in London to take them to Pennsylvania in the ship Scott,

    Capt. Tarbett hijacks the Germans to Virginia where they become indentured servants of Lt. Gov. Spotswood.

    as evidenced in this book Riling, Mildred. "Governor Spotswood Germans." The Palatine Immigrant, vol. 07:03 (Winter 1982), pp. 109-111

    I would love to know how they came from Germany to the Uk

    I do not know if any of these locations or even 400 years later the descendants of any Pavler exsist in Germany

    The Next Family is Smith / Schmitt / Schmidt Family Barbara (Pauera) 's father was Michael Smith Schmitt and his wife were married in 1691 her name Ursala Mayer was all I have is her name Michael was born in 1670 in Mickhausen, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany, and his father was also a Michael, but with the last name SCHMIDT He was born about 1640 in Fischach, Bavaria, Germany