Grund ~1500-1600

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    I'm curious about an ancestor of mine called Erich Grund. He came to Sweden during the reign of Charles IX (so from about 1604) and he was noted as of being German Nobility.
    He came to the town of Skara where he first became a merchant and then Mayor. From what I've found he is born around 1580 in Germany. He is an ancestor to the famous Swedish author Gustaf Fröding.

    On a Swedish forum for genealogy it is noted in regard to Erich Grund that there is a Swiss family called Grund which uses am Grund, im Grund, von Grund. This family is known since the 1400's. Another note I've found is that it is a German Noble family with branches in Switzerland. Does anyone know anything about the family Grund? Unfortunately the information from the Swedish forum is 13 years old and the links given does not work anymore.