Heinrich Führen, Röhe, buried Hannover - Limmer Militärfriedhof Fössefeld

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    My Grandmother's brother Heinrich Führen from Röhe near Aaachen, was wounder in WW1 - notice published in April 1918 in the WW1 casualty list - and died in November 1918. I managed to track him down to the military cemetery in Hannover where he is buried in row 12, grave 770, identified only by his surname (but it is him). The WW1 casualty list says that he was a Sanitätsbataillon Unteroffizier, though I don't know which regiment he was in or where he was wounded. In August 1917 he sent a letter to his family saying that he was no longer in Lemberg and was fighting the Russians, who were in retreat.

    Can anyone help me find out which regiment he was in and where he might have been wounded?

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