Pfalz marriage record in Latin that Google can't translate to English

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    I've taken a 3 month break from family history, but I am back at it now and already stuck. Can you help to make this paragraph below sound right? I am not even sure if I have transliterated it correctly, but Google Translate is having a terrible time with it.

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    (Mrs.) Chris Swan

    28. Martij cum dispensatione in proclamationibus et tempore Vetito Matrimonium in Sacello Mariano Oggershemy die mea cientia contratement Nobilis Dominus Joannes Fridericus Grimmeißen Serenus Dominus Electoris Palatinate Consiliarius Regimius et Satrapa in Simeren et Pronobilis Domicella Eleonora de Schwaan, Septantibus Pronobilibus. DD: Dominus Josepho Antonio Geiger S: Exl. Consiliario Regimius et Supere Appellationis et Dominus Matthia Gabriele de Klein, S. E. b: Consiliario Regiminis, et Suprema Appellationis.

    28. March with the dispensation in the proclamation and at the time forbidden marriage in the chapel Mariano Oggershemy day my cientia contratement the noble lord Johann Friedrich Grimmeißen the serene lord Elector of the Palatinate's government councillor and governor in Simmern and the noble lady Eleonora v. Schwaan, Septantibus Pronobilibus. DD: lord Joseph Anthony Geiger S: Exl. government councillor and Superior Appeal and Matthias Gabriel v. Klein, S. E. b: government councillor, and the Supreme Appeal.

  • Hi Chris,
    I would propose some small changes:

    28. Martij cum dispensatione in proclamationibus et tempore Vetito Matrimonium in Sacello Mariano Oggershemij de mea licentia contraxerunt Nobilis Dominus Joannes Fridericus Grimmeisen Serenus Dominus Electoris Palat: Consiliarius Regiminis et Satrapo in Simmeren et Praenobilis Domicella Eleonora de Schwaan, testantibus Praenobilibus. DD: Domine Josepho Antonio Geiger S: E: b: Consiliario Regiminis et Supremae Appellationis et Domine Matthia Gabriele de Klein, S: E: b: Consiliario Regiminis, et Supremae Appellationis.

    Hope that helps also for Google translation.

    Dispensation was given regarding the (three) proclamations of a marriage and regarding the date, where marriages were usually not allowed like in lenten period.

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    suche: Johann Heinrich Peter, * um 1712 Altdorf (Pfalz) oo Anna Maria Gödelmann, *1723 Böbingen
    Heinrich Schramm oo Elisabeth Kleinekort, + vor 1861 in Altenessen oder Umgebung
    Adam Kesselaar * um 1687 "Arendsberg", oo Amsterdam 21.11.1728 Joanna Bartels (Orsoy)
    Louis Grute/Grutte, + Glain b. Lüttich 15.11.1729, oo Glain 19.03.1694 Marie Catherine Barbier

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  • Thank you, that was very helpful, and with it and Google Translate and some guessing, I have an English translation as follows:

    28 March (1768), with dispensation in the proclamation for the time prohibition of marriage (during lent), in the chapel Mariano Oggersheim (???) with my permission, contracted noble master Johann Friedrich v. Grimmeisen, his serene highness the Palatinate Elector's government counselor and governor of Simmern, and noble lady Eleonora v. Schwaan, noble witnesses DD (???) master Joseph Anthony Geiger S: E: b: (???) government counsellor and Supreme Appellate (judge) and master Matthias Gabriel Klein S: E: b: government counsellor and Supreme Appellate (judge).

    Does that look correct? Do you know what the meaning is of the abbreviations DD and S: E: b:? Do you know the area of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, is this Oggersheim the priest or the town in Ludwigshafen?

  • Hallo,
    the chapel must be this one:
    Schloss- und Wallfahrtskirche Mariä Himmelfahrt in Oggersheim (now part of Ludwigshafen).
    As for the abbreviation DD:
    testantibus praenobilibus dominis = being witnessed by the most noble masters ...

  • Thanks for that, JS.

    Does anyone know if there are records for this chapel from the 1700s?

    Can anyone translate "die mea cientia contratement" to German or English? I am getting nowhere in Google translate? I think maybe "cientia" could be "scientia."

  • just to add a bit to the translation:

    On March 28th, in the Chapel of the virgin Mary’s Assumption of Oggersheim, with dispensation regarding the proclamations and the forbidden time, marriage was contracted with my permission by the noble master …