A page from the v. Rodde Collection in Schwerin

  • "v. Schwan.
    Gesucht Eltern, Großeltern etz. des Salomon Johann v. Schwan (auch Schwaan geschrieben) Major und auf Tuttomäggi in Estland, geb 10/VIII 1722, † ……, cop.(uliert) ……mit Charlotte Christine Freiin v. Rosen, geb…1724, †….
    ….(Salomon Johann’s Vater hieß Johann v. Schwan, war Brigadier und Herr auf Tuttomäggi, er soll aus Mecklenburg nach Estland gekommen sein.
    Herold 1888 XIX pag. 74."

    Some years ago my father received a page from the Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin, written in old German script. I just sent it to the great people at Sütterlinstube Hamburg and received the above transliteration of the script. At first I thought it might be an ad from a Schwerin newspaper, but after searching Google, it seems like it might be a notice in a publication of the Herold genealogy club in Berlin from 1888. I went to their web page, and their page here at genealogy.net, but they do not translate with Google. Can anyone help me find out if this notice was from Der Herold and if there is any record of the person who wrote it? (I have already had it translated. Although they are long gone, I am just wondering who else might have been interested in this family.)

    Thanks for your help,

    (Mrs) Chris Swan