Janssen married who ?

  • Hello all,

    I have conflicting information. Margaretha JANSSEN b. 7 August 1878 daughter of JANSSEN/ARMBRUST married who ?

    1. Franz Peter NORDSTROM (marriage 24 Sept. 1920) (info from GEDBAS)


    2. Otto Johann Heinrich Ernst ALBRECHT (this from ENK) (no other info available)

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you :)

    Bob Armbrust

    Port Orange, FL USA

  • Hello Bob,

    Please address to the city archive of the city where the marriage(s) took place and ask for a copy of the marriage certificate, in which the names of the parents are stated.

    You don't give an information about the place and no date for marriage no. 2. Maybe Margaretha was married to both of them, one after the other.

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  • Hello Simone,

    Thanks for responding.

    The marriage of Nordstrom / Janssen has been removed from GRDBAS / META SEARCH. That's the one I thought was wrong.

    The marriage of Albrecht / Janssen ( Blankenese ) has been added, although without any supporting documentation. I'll keep digging.

    I'll remove this post until I know more.

    Thank you :)