Christopher Koenemans and Margareta Anne Schroeders

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    Can anyone help me find information about Christopher Koenemans and Margareta Anne Schroeders. They were married about 1750 in Luntzen, Hannover, Germany. Christopher was born in Wittwe, Hannover, Germany and Margareta was born in Lunzen, Hannover, Germany. Any information is greatly appreciated. :danke:

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    1)I don`t know a town "wittwe" near Hannover, but the word means :a wife whos husband`is dead-,may be a wrong reading/translation .

    There is only "Wülfel" , today a part of Hannover

    2)I think,you mean "Laatzen" near Hannover, today a part of Hannover.

    Laatzen has a Little Archiv for the history of the town/village.

    Perhaps you can contact them and ask for help or write a mail.

    May be they will find the marriage from 1750 or know the church from that times,where marriages have taken place.

    The Stadtarchiv is thursday from 9 to 16 Uhr and friday von 9 bis 13 Uhr opend. phone 0511 8205-1015 or E-Mail kohlstedt at .…t_news%5D=3652&no_cache=1

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    Opa August