Matthias Schmitt

  • I am looking for my GG Mathias Schmitt, his wife Margaretha Zimmer and his son, Jacob Schmitt. I was told by my Grandmother in 1973 that my GG Mathias Schmitt was born 15 Sep 1815 in Artailfingen, Germany. He married Margaretha Zimmer, who was born in 1819. They had a son, my GG, Jacob Schmitt, born in Germany 08 Aug 1844. They came to the United States sometime between 1844 and 1849. They had another son, John, born in 1849 in Chicago, Il, USA. They came to Sherrill, Dubuque County, Iowa in 1861. I have done numerous searches on Ancestry, Family Search and films. I have searched all the “fingen” cities. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

    Ich suche für meine GG Mathias Schmitt, seine Frau Margaretha Zimmer und sein Sohn Jacob Schmitt. Ich wurde von meiner Großmutter im Jahr 1973 gesagt, dass mein GG Mathias Schmitt wurde 15. September 1815 in Artailfingen, Deutschland, geboren. Er heiratete Margaretha Zimmer, der im Jahre 1819 geboren wurde. Sie hatten einen Sohn, mein GG, Jakob Schmitt, in Deutschland 8. August 1844 geboren. Sie kamen in die Vereinigten Staaten irgendwann zwischen 1844 und 1849. Sie hatten einen Sohn, John, born1849, in Chicago, Il, USA. Sie kamen zu Sherrill, Dubuque County, Iowa, im Jahre 1861. Ich habe zahlreiche Suchanfragen auf Ancestry Family Search und Filme gemacht. Ich habe alle "fingen" Städte gesucht. Vielen Dank für jede Hilfe, die Sie mir geben können.

  • Hi 'drthykin',

    was born 15 Sep 1815 in Artailfingen, Germany

    I could not find a place called Arteilfingen.
    The places most close to that name are Tailfingen, Neckartailfingen and Trailfingen.
    Do you have any chance to verify the name of the place? It is quite likely you don't remember the name completely right after 40 years ;)

    Good luck!

    Freundliche Grüße

    Aktuelle Jagdreviere:
    Berlin und Umgebung: Mohr, Hartung, Zienicke, Krusnick, Grünack, Linto (vor 1750); Magdeburger Börde (rund um Egeln, etwa 1600 - 1800)
    Gera: Dix (vor 1740); Wunstorf: Brandes, Steinmann (vor 1800), Hildesheim: Michael (vor 1800)

  • And I could not find the family in Iowa, only son Jacob.
    A Mathias, born abt 1815 with wife Margarethe, born abt 1827 I found in Indiana in 1860, 1870 and 1880.
    And the older children were born in Illinois.

    But this must be the wrong family. The maiden name of this Margarethe was Huppenthal:…cgi?page=gr&GRid=56251901

    Ok, this is your family:….cgi?page=gr&GRid=6900468
    Couldn't know that Mathias died already in 1872.


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  • Yes, my GG died in 1872. You found the correct findagrave site. Sorry, all my Grandmother gave me at the time was Artailfingen. I wish I had followed up my research at the time but I didn't.