Conrad Holman from German to South Carolina, USA

  • Grüße,

    Mein deutscher ahne ist Conrad Holman. Er kam nach South Carolina, USA 1750. Er sagte, er war aus Deutschland, aber hat keine Region oder Dorf. Er war lutherisch und 1715-1725 geboren wurde. Kam er in die USA mit Frau, Mary Ann? Hat jemand im Forum Holman (Hollmann) Familienname in ihrer Familie haben?

    Larry Holman
    Vicksburg, MS, USA


    My German ancestor is Conrad Holman. He came to South Carolina, USA in 1750. He said he was from Germany but gave no region or village. He was Lutheran and was born 1715-1725. He came to USA with wife, Mary Ann? Does anyone on forum have Holman (Hollmann) surname in their family?

  • Oh... this is gonna be though!

    First, we can asume that the spelling of the name was back in those days not fix, so we have to include all variations of "Holman" in our search. As you can see from the following maps, the name is really widespreaded in Germany:

    Holman: (quite rare)
    Hollman: (quite rare)
    Holmann: (quite rare)
    Hollmann: (very often)

    So you´ll see that its hard to say, where he came from. You can only say, that he MIGHT EVENTUALLY came from Lower-Saxony, most likly from the surrounding of Bremen.

    Did you already did researches in the church archive of the parish where he lived back in 1750 in South Carolina? I ´m not thinking just of matricle books, maybe there´s more, like chronicles, old bills, etc.

    I think without any hint where he might have came from, it´s almost impossible to find him :/

    Lg, JPS - Die Toten sind nicht tot, sie gehen mit, unsichtbar sind sie nur, unhörbar ist ihr Schritt. (Gorch Fock 1880 - 1916)

  • Larry,

    If I use google searching for 'lutheran emigrants south carolina 18th century' or in German 'lutheraner auswanderer 18. jahrhundert north carolina' I find quite a few interesting websites. Did you check any of them?

    Where exactly, i.e. in which county, city or village, did Conrad Holman settle? Do you know of any other German families / surnames in the area?

    I remember that most of the lutheran immigrants at the time came from southern Germany, but I'm not an expert regarding that area. I don't believe that the current distribution of the surname, especially since it's so widespread, says anything about the origin of Conrad Holman.