Gueldner Family and Lippstreu Family of Brandenburg

  • Need parents of "Lena" Caroline Gueldner born May 29, 1865 Lohm, Hessen, Germany please.

    Texas Death certificate filled in by her son said she was from Lohm

    Cemetery marker said Hessen Germany. I do not know who placed the marker.

    I do see there is a town called Lohm in Brandenburg state with nearby town Holzhausen of the Lippstreu family who witnessed the christenings of her children.

    Caroline was the daughter of Mr. Gueldner and wife Wilhelmina Dorothy (last name unknown). Caroline came to Texas about 1883 with her Aunt Mary and other Gueldner families.

    Caroline married in Texas to Frederick Ewald. I have the history of the Ewald Family of Lesum, Niedersachen. Caroline had two sons: John Edward Ewald and Albert Frederick Ewald. Caroline has 9 daughters.

    Witnesses at the church christenings: Fredinand Fredrick Gueldner born Feb. 7, 1878 Lohm, Germany and Mary Wilhelmine Louise (Gueldner) Kitzman born Oct. 11, 1880 Posen children of Carl Wilhelm Gueldner and " Minnie" Wilhelmine Geise/Geese; other children Herman Carl Gueldner born April 20, 1873 Germany and Charles Gueldner born July 13, 1876. Carl Gueldner immigrated to USA 1883-1885 same as Lena remarks on the census

    Carl Gueldner oath of allegiance in Harris Co. TX dated July 29, 1887 from ____mann, Neustadt Prussia. Name of town hard to read but Neustadt in Brandenburg state. I just wonder if this Gueldner family was the one she came to Texas with.

    Cousin to Ferdinand Frederick Gueldner was Gustav Fredrich Sauter born April 24, 1857 who came to Texas 1877. Gustav Sauter married Dorthea Wilhelmine Lippstreu. Ferdinand Gueldner is buried in the same plot with Friedericke (Lippstreu) Wolf and Henry Wolf. Census could mean cousin to Gustav or Dorthea.

    Friedrich Lippstreu born Jan. 12, 1823 Holzhausen, Brandenberg, Germany came to Texas about 1854 with wife Friedricke (Schmock) Lippstreu born 1821; daughters Friedricke (Lippstreu) Wolf born 1841, "Lena" Caroline Augusta (Lippstreu) Telschow born 1846 and Dorthea Wilhelmine (Lippstreu) Sauter born 1859.

    Thank you for your help.


    Diane Kropp

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  • Diane.

    I got a message from the parish of Kyritz telling me that they are not able to do any research since the keeper of the records retired at the age 90 and they have not yet found anybody who is willing to do this job.
    They also told me to address inquiries to

    Evangelisches Landeskirchliches Archiv
    Bethaniendamm 29
    D-10997 Berlin

    You can contact them at if you want to have your ancestors' records. They charge 15 € for the first 15 minutes and 10 € [euros] for the following 15 minutes etc. plus 1 € per copy plus postage. Maybe Herr Buchholz can help you out.

    Greetings from sunny Cologne on the Rhine,