August Behrendt born 16 Apr 1847 in Paschwentschen, Labiau, East Prussia

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    I just learned that my third great grandfather, August Behrendt, was born 16 Apr 1847 in Paschwentschen, Labiau, East Prussia. The only film at the FHL in Salt Lake for the parish of Popelken does not cover the year 1847. I also know that August served in 1870-1871 in the Grenadier Regiment Kronprinz 1. Ostpreußiches No. 1 in Königsberg. I believe he was an officer. According to his obituary, August grew up in Paschwentschen and learned to be a baker there. Sometime before 1875 he moved to Ruß, Heydekrug. He married in 1875 in Kinten to Wilhelmine Auguste Lina Frisch. I have a copy of this marriage record, but it does not mention parents names. In 1892 he immigrated to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was wondering if there are any records for Paschwentschen or Popelken that I might learn the names of August's parents or siblings? Or are there any military records surviving from his military unit?

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  • Howdy Heather,

    I cannot help you with your great grandfather's family but I can tell you about military records from the German-French War 1870/71. Volunteers are soon (this fall) going to index the casualties list. Though it's not about his unit particulary, there are little odds he is mentioned iff he's been wounded or captured or ill.
    However, I do believe that other miliary records survived in the Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin.


    Deutsch-Böhmen, Kreis Trautenau: Rose, Schirmer, Marcik, Sepper, Tamm, Baudisch

    Hinterpommern, Kreis Deutsch Krone: Riebschläger, Lange, Hartwig, Schmidt, Göck, Polzin, Sperling

    Mecklenburg, Kreis Wismar: Eggert, Schwarz

    Zur Gedbas-Datei

  • Hi Heather, my english is not so good. My Grandmothers Name was Ida Behrendt, her Mothers Name was Wilhelmine Behrendt geb. Kanneberg. They lived in Satticken/Gurnen near Goldap Ostpreussen. Many wishes Evelin :)