Representation issue

  • So far I have not been successful in solving a representation issue in the following file:
    The problem concerns a deceased person, who's father has deceased too, but the mother is still alive. See for this persons record:

    As can be seen, NO ancestors are displayed here (although this person and the father are no longer alive).
    The father (and his ancestors) are represented correct: although a link to the deceased daughter fails.

    Of course details about the mother who is alive are private and not to be shown, but that applies to none of the further ancestors.
    The Dutch website genealogie online produces the following based upon exact the same GEDCOM:…ng-keuss-kockmann/I56.php
    Here the mother is referred to as (Not public) but the rest of the branch remains accessible. It also prove that in the GEDCOM the link between father and daughter is present.

    Please advise.

  • Hi Verkadej,

    I can't see the entries. The error code for the first link says: "You are not the owner of database 43829." The second yields 404.


    Deutsch-Böhmen, Kreis Trautenau: Rose, Schirmer, Marcik, Sepper, Tamm, Baudisch

    Hinterpommern, Kreis Deutsch Krone: Riebschläger, Lange, Hartwig, Schmidt, Göck, Polzin, Sperling

    Mecklenburg, Kreis Wismar: Eggert, Schwarz

    Zur Gedbas-Datei