Bohringer / Böhringer ( possibly ) HELP PLEASE

  • I am searching for Gottlieb R Böhringer ( <-- I am told this is the possible German spelling from older family BUT - no proof and they were not 100% sure on original spelling )

    B Aug 1870 - Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Württemberg, Germany

    D USA - Dec 1938

    Possible parents Gottlieb C Böhringer & Sofie Cath Roth ( again NO firm proof found as of now )

    I would appreciate any direction for online research.

  • Ja ja, das ist schon klar, aber wenn er im September 1871 getauft wurde und der Geburtsmonat mit August angegeben wird, gehe ich schon davon aus, dass die Geburt auch 1871 war. Muss natürlich nicht so sein. Ich weiß ja nicht, woher Carol ihre Informationen hat, aber z. B. in den Volkszählungen stimmen die Jahre ja meist nicht genau.

  • Hallo Anita,

    wenn wir uns in den Bereich der Spekulation begeben wollen, können wir ja auch annehmen, dass Gottlieb R. Bö. und Gottlieb C. Bö. Brüder (oder Vettern) mit einem Altersunterschied von einem Jahr waren.
    Possibly Gottlieb R. Bö. and Gottlieb C. Bö. are not the same person but brothers or cousins.


  • Das verstehe ich jetzt zwar nicht ganz, aber spekulieren bringt eh nichts. Carol sollte erst mal weitere (aus Amerika) bekannte Details liefern. Ich vermute nämlich, die vermeintlichen Eltern hat sie auch nur bei familysearch gefunden.

    Carol, where in the United States was your Gottlieb living? Who was his wife? When did he emigrate?

    I found a Gottlieb, who died in 1938 in Michigan, but he seems to be born abt 1860.


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  • Detlef05 = YES I did

    animei = this is what I have (below) Yes that record is Christening record in 1871 - NO not in Michigan always lived and Died in Chicago, Illinois, USA

    ----- Here is what I know or 'think" I know so far...

    1910, 1910, 1920 = US Censu's ( has known children listed )


    Birth either = 8/15/1870 or 8/16/1870


    Lived & was married in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA = BOTH TIMES

    ---- First record ----

    German Select Birth And Baptisms 1558-1898 ( in German )

    Baptism - Stuttgard, Neckarkreis, Württemberg, Germany
    (Record FHL File Number 1055629 Ref ID Number p63 No550) listed on this record are the names that family "thought" was his parents"

    Father: Gottlieb Christian Böhringer

    Mother: Sofie Cath. Roth

    (Source Information: Germany, Select Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014. Original data: Germany, Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013)

    ---- Second record ----

    Illinois Death and Stillbirth Index,1916-1947

    Died in a tragic home Fire in Chicago 12/7/1938 - His 2nd wife and their only child almost perished but were able to escape.

    ( I do know burial and death info - need proof of parents/siblings/birth - before USA)

    I have his marriage liscense & found 2nd marriage info online.

    Married to

    1- Ida K Christensen ( unsure on her maiden name there has been some confusion & She died due to complications from female surgery) - they had 4 children

    2-Delia Kennedy ( she had children with her 1st husband and was widower ) She married my grandfather and
    together they had one son. Robert Gottlieb 1924-1995


    I have family that verified the aprox birth, possible father & Mother's name, Both wifes.

    BUT BEFORE HE came to the USA I am lost ... would like to find that info.. :wacko:


    NOTE: I came across some Arrival records but his name - well lets just say its popular among immigrants here in USA during his time of arrival... I do not know that they are him...


    I also came across these with same parents .. BUT dunno if is his siblings or not ? There is NO one alive who knows his siblings/parents... :evil:

    Name: Wilhelm Boehringer

    Gender: Male

    Birth Date: 1 Mrz 1876 (1 Mar 1876)

    Birth Place: Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany

    Baptism Date: 28 Mai 1876 (28 May 1876)

    Father: Gottlieb Boehringer

    Mother: Sophie Roth

    FHL Film Number: 1055638 / Reference ID: 226



    Name: Gottfried Paul Boehringer

    Gender: Male

    Birth Date: 22 Jan 1878

    Baptism Date: 3 Feb 1878

    Baptism Place: Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany

    Father: Gottlieb Boehringer

    Mother: Sophie Roth

    FHL Film Number: 1055638 / Reference ID: 37


    Name: Gottfried Hugo Boehringer

    Gender: Male

    Birth Date: 22 Jun 1881

    Baptism Date: 30 Jun 1881

    Baptism Place: Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany

    Father: Gottlieb Boehringer

    Mother: Sophie Roth

    FHL Film Number: 1055638 / Reference ID: 270


    Name: Gottfried Otto Böhringer

    Gender: Male

    Birth Date: 4 Aug 1882

    Baptism Date: 16 Aug 1882

    Baptism Place: Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany

    Father: Gottlieb Böhringer

    Mother: Sophie Roth

    FHL Film Number: 1055639 / (nothing else with this one )


  • Carol, do you have one single American document attesting that your Gottlieb Robert was born in Stuttgart?

    The first that you have to do, is to look for all information you can find in the United States: Naturalization papers, death certificate.... and not until you know his actual place of birth you can start with your search in Germany.

    Everything else is only speculation.

  • Hi animei,

    Sorry for delay in response... I have the coroners report of his death. On this record the info for his place of birth just lists Unknown "GERMANY" // name for parents & their places of birth -- say the same thing.

    I was able to find church he was married to my biological grandmother Ida.
    They did send me a Marriage Certificate from the church - but they can not find any other records.

    See why I am lost !

    Thanks Carol