Surname (Last name) of "Schauder"

  • What does it mean and were is it from? My ancestor who had the last name Schauder was from the Grand Dutchy Baden, not sure if that helps

  • "Schauder" would mean something like "shiver", but I don't think, this is the meaning of of the name.
    Are you sure, it is really "Schauder" or could it be miswritten and say "Schauber"? Bahlow says "Schaub" is in the region you are looking for a bunch of straw, being used to fit roofs. There are quite a lot of names relating with this origin, for example "Schäuble" .

  • Hello Mike,
    There are many Schauder (Tschauder) at Upper Silesia and therefore I don't think , that it is a wrong name. I also found Schauder at phonebook near Baden-Baden.
    Schauder means shudder..., but I don't think that it is the meaning of this surname, too. This name I found since 1648.

    Es ist nicht das Wissen, sondern das Lernen,
    nicht das Besitzen, sondern das Erwerben,
    nicht das Dasein, sondern das Hinkommen,
    was den größten Genuss gewährt.

    Carl Friedrich Gauß

    Suche FN Wittmann und Angeheiratete-FN Hoffmann/ Oberschlesien-FN Naujock /Ostpreußen

    Dauersuche Geburt Marianna ( Maria) Barbara Olschewski ca 1798 im Raum Dirschau